2020 Grad Show

Karen Ho Fatt

AUArts Grad Show 1506_khf_portrait-9921



My practice explores time, history, memory and the invisible. The domestic sphere is a framework where these themes are investigated. Sources of inspiration include personal histories and relationships. I work with porcelain's physical properties ; it's suppleness, delicacy and strength to convey states of decay and memory. Form and material are transformed through casting, fragmenting and manipulation, leaving visual cues indicative of the process of entropy and memory and the passage of time. Concept, context, materials and process are synthesized into poetic and thematic layers in the expression of the final piece.

Time, Memory, the Invisible

Memories, history and time made visible.


A variety of work exploring different themes and concepts.

Process and Material

Process and material investigations with fired, unfired, glazed, unglazed clay bodies .