2020 Grad Show

Blair (Andrew) Holloway

AUArts Grad Show 829E303F-7BC4-444F-AAF7-11BD40FE3305

Jewellery & Metals

My artwork has defiantly grown, and shifted over the past 10 years. Going from painting to jewelry design and metal smithing has shifted not only my thinking but my process as well. I am now incorporating historical aspects into my work, while modernizing traditional, contemporary pieces. Although I explore other aspects of modern day jewelry design, I am always returning to those hidden, traditional designs, and creating them into metal. I challenge the viewer to visualize the historical significance behind the piece, while seeing what modern day practices and design consist of.

I use a unique approach to art, where my conceptual pieces follow the idea of wearable metal art. The work I have been creating ranges from rings to chest pieces that can cover a full grown persons chest. Every piece that I create has a wearable element to it, where it can be showcased in or out of a gallery setting. I use a variety of mediums, techniques and design processes, where I have essentially moved from canvas to metal being my canvas. I do not limit myself with size, material, context, but the conceptual meaning behind each piece is the greatest element I can offer. My artwork evokes the viewers imagination with power, while giving a voice to the unheard. It offers a sense of wonder of the process all while speaking in an universal language. The work challenges assumptions and perception, on many levels, while purposefully aligning with current diplomatic affairs.

As art is spoken in, not only, an universal language, but it’s an universal way of sharing ideology, thought and documenting moments in time. It is also an outlet for imagination, while standing the test of time. These outlets offer a way to make powerful change, not only within the individual creating the art, but also the viewer of each piece. Knowing that art will stand the test of time, as historical events have happened, art has been created. As individuals have had difference of opinions, art has been created. It’s a calm, non violent way of informally protesting issues that happen around the globe, at any point of time. I am in no way naive that art will spark a traditional revolution on its own, but I have witnessed the powerful changes that can happen when art is incorporated into a culture, a system and even on an individual level. Being an example of this ideology, during cultural exploration, we turned to creation and art. During my hard times, I turned to art. Not only on my own personal level, it works in magical ways for many others across the globe. Each piece tells a tale. A story. A part of time, that is frozen into that one piece. As a creator, I cannot imagine this world without art. The studio is a place where anything can happen, and imagination has no limits. Each piece that comes from my studio is not only unique to me, but is also representing and showcasing a story behind it. Inspiration comes from anywhere, at anytime. Art is a lifestyle, I lifestyle that I choose to embrace.


Traditional Canadian Aboriginal Headdress
Anodized Aluminum, Copper, Bronze, Brass, Turkey Quill, Horse Hair, Rabbit Fur, Ermine, Sinew, Felt, Satin