2020 Grad Show

Julia Hummel

AUArts Grad Show 7DC579D7-9917-4576-A7B4-6414C903D807

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


The Anti-Runner - Brooks Running Campaign

An editorial campaign for Brooks Running. How can we take matronly, typically uncool looking shoes and make people see them in a new light? Drawing inspiration from street style trends and subculture, the Brooks "anti-runner" campaign scratches an itch by breaking out of the traditional sports advertising mould.

Photography: Carolina Vasquez-Lazo
Models: Larissa Pendlebury, Skylar Eyre and Alisa Boysis

Heinz Manifesto

To paraphrase Andy Warhol:

“Heinz is Heinz and no amount of money can get you better Heinz than the Heinz the bum on the corner is eating.”

Ketchup is political, Ketchup is personal. In the 150 years it’s been around, Heinz has
seen many different lives, and has never discriminated. Heinz has been a part of your life,
no matter who you are.

Keeping in mind the current turbulent political climate, people need Heinz now
more than ever.

So, to express those ideas and promote a political spirit,

I wrote a manifesto for Heinz.

The following is the Heinz Manifesto campaign, with passages from the new manifesto built into each advertisement.​​​​​​​

Teenagers - Campaign

Teenagers are more politically activated than ever, and the adults in power are afraid. I combined lyrics from My Chemical Romance's song Teenagers with the political spirit of today's youth to design a vinyl record and an accompanying social media campaign.

Fender Female - Campaign

Research has shown that women make up over 50% of the sales of new guitars, but the industry continues to cater to primarily men. The Fender Female Campaign is a love letter to women in music. The collection features a colouring book, print campaign, a limited edition guitar pedal and a live tour featuring female guitarists.​​

Flashbang Magazine

Selected pages from Flashbang Magazine - Danger Issue.

Feature Story- Off the Deep End
Travel Column- Paradise and Where to Find It
Horoscopes- Cosmic Danger

Party Postcard

A postcard for when a party is so fun it's something to write home about. This is designed to combat the fear of missing out, or induce it.​​​​​​​


LURK Magazine

LURK is a publication concept for girls who are unapologetically creepy. Reading fan fiction? making out with your poster? all A-ok here.