2021 Grad Show

Sun Ah Hur

AUArts Grad Show sun

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Design can unite lives and emotions.
This is because design is closely-connected to how people innovatively express themselves. I am passionate about design because I want to uncover identities and stories visually in a way that is so cool and excites me!


This typeface design was inspired by entries in my diary.
“Time has passed and love has turned into longing. Over the years, the shape remained hazy but still vivid.”
The typeface is applied on a photography book with laser-cut letters A to Z memories
using the photographs I took.


0% magazine promotes the environment and a zero-waste lifestyle.
It provides information about recent environmental issues and illustrates how to incorporate a simple zero-waste lifestyle by organizing our lives through essential consumption to become the foundation of a sustainable society. 0% provides sustainable solutions and inspiring stories for people to incorporate in their routine. And also the magazine shares skills and resources to reduce, reuse and recycle waste to minimize the waste and making a better choices in their life.

This project was made in collaboration with Lim Nam.


The purpose of this project is to make people enjoy their healthy lives more and to help the agricultural economy, which suffered due to the pandemic. OFARM is an online farmer’s market which supports local farmers and consumers. In the present situation of pandemic, the online market can widen experience and accessibility. OFARM form a convenient online market which serves to connect farms to customers and also introduce farms and farmers to potential customers.


YESCAPE is for people who want to escape from their repetitive everyday life. We want people to enjoy their happiness and freedom by visiting our lounge and using the products designed with freestyle drawings.

This project was made in collaboration with Lim Nam.

ZOWA-Pentawards Shortlist 2020

Zowa is a brand of perfume souvenirs with a series of multicultural perfumes that represent each country’s atmosphere. The brand name Zowa means harmony in both Korean and Japanese. It does not only target one gender or one nationality, but embraces the world. The theme, harmony, is realized with this mixture of cultures that everyone can enjoy. Zowa wants consumers to think of the happy moments and memories from the countries they have travelled to while using our products. This is a collaborative branding project with Lim Nam.

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