2020 Grad Show

Asia Hyde

AUArts Grad Show portrait

VCD – Character Design & Illustration

Personal Ink Work

This selection of ink pieces were created as a part of the social media challenges Inktober and Mythic May, with the exception of one piece, which is an illustration for a collection of HP Lovecraft stories.

Fairies of Scotland

This piece is a result of my love of folklore and my appreciation of William Blake’s art. The procession of figures consists of some poor traveler being lead off into the woods by an assortment of Scottish Fairies.


Blackberries is a story about a young girl named Katie and her encounters with the Fae who inhabit the tangled woods of northern Ireland. Guided by a mischievous shape shifter named Mal, she travels into the unknown in search of her lost sister.

The visual development portion of this project focused mostly on development of atmosphere and environment.