2021 Grad Show

Sohfi Janz

AUArts Grad Show PXL_20210521_184742197.PORTRAIT

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


Self taught Blender enthusiast, accidental motion artist, aspiring game developer. Throughout my work I focus on the mood, atmosphere and feeling of place. Learning new programs and skills is probably my favourite thing to do, and I have a passion for passing on the things I've taught myself.

Lost Days of Summer

Hot days, hazy evenings, and nights around the campfire. Concept work for game centering around the feelings, memories and friendships of a summer camping trip past.

Miscellaneous works

Some one-off works that I wanted to showcase

Procedural Weaving Shader

A procedural shader I created using Blender material nodes. the entire effect is created using mathematical procedures, which means that many different results can be created by changing just a few values.

The Lost Valley

The Child finds themselves cold, lost and alone on a mysterious riverbank. In the Lost Valley, they discover the Old Ones, who have been trapped here for thousands of years.

The Old Ones have waited for someone to awaken them, turned to stone by the winter snows of the valley. They grant the Child their strength, their knowledge and their courage.

But will the child be able to prevail before the cold of winter sets in? The Lost Valley will not give up its secrets easily, and if time runs out, the Child, too, will be lost to stone.

Virtualized Belief

A poetic narrative set in the distant future, an acolyte of the Old Gods must choose between her identity and her faith

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