2020 Grad Show

Jordan Bownes

AUArts Grad Show Bownes_Jordan_Portrait

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


2020 Calendar: Motivational Kanye Tweets

Personal calendar filled with monthly motivational Kanye Tweets to get you through 2020.

A World Without Heinz

The challenge for Heinz was to convince new audience members and existing brand lovers that their favourite foods can only be enjoyed with Heinz ketchup. The campaign celebrates 150 years of Heinz by establishing the condiment as the star of any meal.

Through our research we discovered that fast food brands are always trying to fight to prove they are the best. But let’s face it, their burgers and fries are nothing without Heinz. Ketchup adds the perfect flavour balance to any meal.

Nothing is worse than checking your delivery bag, and realizing they forgot your Heinz...

Read the Damn Label

Did you know that polyester fabrics can last in our landfills for up to 200 years? In that time you can stream all of Netflix's content 2703 times.

We want to get the conversation started and develop awareness on the fast fashion clothing industry. Our goal is to teach consumers on their product fabrics and allow them to make their own educated choices while purchasing and discarding clothing.

Doritos Commercials

A series of commercials that visualize the imaginations of Doritos consumers.