2020 Grad Show

Winona Julian

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Media Arts


In my work I explore the routines of normalcy within social media and modernity which, once examined in detail, tend to be strange and alienating. Within this context I delve into ideas surrounding mental health and modern coping mechanisms which are often tied up in technology. Through performance and video, I am able to use the same patterns that are commonly linked with modern media, such as camera angles, filters, distorted effects, and the implication of an ever present audience. The result of this research manifests as bizarre performances and video work.

Do I Recognize Me?

Watch Here: https://vimeo.com/316475313
Do I Recognize Me? (2019) is a video that explores online presence in coincidence with social
media and how it affects ones perception of self. This video collage of filtered and
distorted videos of the artist attempts to negotiate the relationship between the digital
self and the nondigital self. Sound clips are taken from different media that speak about
a skewed sense of self perception in order to fully investigate the cultural roots of this
phenomenon. Through combining these remixes of sound with remixes of self, the artist
intends to confront the audience with a self that exists outside of her real self.


A SPECTRE'S HORRIFYING SEARCH FOR SELF IN CYBERSPACE (2019) is a video installation that details the journey of a classic sheet ghost figure and it's search for an avatar/body in cyberspace. This ghost can be seen wearing a virtual reality headset and through multiple videos is shown navigating a popular online virtual space known as VRChat. The ghost can be seen within these videos and also in the space with the viewer as a sculptural artifact of the video pieces. While this is happening, a CRT television sits apart from the other videos, only displaying static while subtitles come up on the screen, it is implied that these subtitles are the sheet ghosts inner monologue.


Watch Here: https://vimeo.com/298099583
REAL HYPE REAL (2018) is a video piece that navigates social media and the perception of one's self through the lens of the internet. It experiments with notions of honesty and transparency vs. performance and curation of individual social media accounts. Using technologies and social media as the catalyst it explores the curation and everyday performance of society through social media.


Watch Here: https://vimeo.com/417299612
Future Mourning (2020) is a video piece that follows a loose narrative about a queer cowboy
dancing and partying throughout a cityscape. The cowboy describes her preparation for
the end of the world, and her thoughts about the future. Many voices chime in to describe
their encounters with the cowboy, and explain their perceptions of the future as well.
Scenes switch quickly and randomly, leaving the audience to observe this bizarre
sequence of events. There is a clear sense of disjointed space and time throughout each scene. Yet,
moments of sameness bring them together, creating a tone of humour, uncertainty and