2020 Grad Show

Angela Keating

AUArts Grad Show The Magician – Full Size



Human anatomy is a subject that I am deeply interested in and which motivates my work; its complex nature brings to mind all the structures which had to be created to produce and sustain life. I marvel at the intricacy of these systems and draw inspiration from them as a way to express my gratitude for and awe of the beauty in life. I aim to evoke emotion and instill a sense of wonder, keeping in mind the marriage of concept and function to provide my audience with an object of purpose and beauty.

Muscle Memory

I find it interesting that it’s possible to determine where a person hurts by analyzing the way they move and react within their environment. I see scars – whether they be cosmetic or muscular – as a timeline of a person’s life; each muscle knot, tear, and strain serves as the memory of an event or series of events in a lifetime. The manipulation of hot glass requires particular strength in the forearm, a necessity which was the inspiration for each vessel’s shape. ‘Muscle Memory’ is an expression of the physical form of muscles in the arm and an exploration of their interaction with one another.



Sept. 3

o Reader, Blame Me Not