2021 Grad Show

Slack Keith

AUArts Grad Show IMG_0195

VCD – Character Design & Illustration

Hi there I’m Slack, a character designer and animator who works in all things weird and whimsy. I use a range of mixed medias to communicate complex ideas through storytelling and expressive visual styles. Im inspired by finding magic in the mundane and the ways we create meaning in an ever expanding world of beauty and horror.

Mythic May

Pieces from Charamath's Mythic May drawing challenge


Various collages made during my time at Auarts.

Wightjaw Animations

A compilation of clips and short character animations animated in aftereffects.

Wightjaw Concepts

Wightjaw is a project I've been developing for the past year to challenge myself to develop a world using unconventional mediums such as collage and photomanipulation.
It is set in a region of the same name where cryptids, old gods and anthropomorphic folk all live together in a chaotic mess of otherworldly absurdity. Blurring the line between the humane, divine, and monstrous to explore existential themes like trauma, perception, and identity in the face of casual cosmic horror.

Wightjaw Scenes

Brief scenes from the story inspired by randomly generated AI quotes as prompts.

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