2021 Grad Show

James Kim

AUArts Grad Show 프로필

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


Hi my name is James Kim, Illustrator and character artist who loves to explore digital media. Biggest interest is drawing visual illustrations which involves characters!

Western Alien

In the 1860's United States of America, humans win over alien's invasion, making a peace treaty in exchange for their sharing knowledge on superior technology. Aliens are allowed to be their citizens which to serve human society however there are aliens who defy such fate.

Bloodshed Comic Book

This is the world where cruel monsters from unknown dimensions hunt and consume humans who wield rare blood, to evolve as supreme ones. Hunters are gathered to fight against them, and they are called Bloodsheds. Mother Helena, a leader of Bloodsheds in the past, is targeted by the reason of her rare blood. Her daughter Elen starts her journey after Helen's death, to join Bloodsheds.

Bloodshed Concept Art

Visual Development of Bloodshed

Conan the Barbarian Queen of the Blackcoast

Remake on the visual of Conan the Barbarian Series

Future Rome


Series of exploring using portraits

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