2021 Grad Show

Halen King

AUArts Grad Show Portrait

Media Arts

Memento Sentire

Memento Sentire (2021) is a website that explores the divide between digital content and emotional context by trying to reconnect the two. In doing this it is trying to ask how users might try to reconsider this connection when under a different light, inviting an uncommon and more personal interaction with the content. This invitation aims to encourage self-reflection and awareness, in hopes of calling attention to the occurrence of insensitivity and lack of consideration towards experiences of grief and death in online spaces.


Balance (2020) is a 2D animation that shows the path of two characters; one of life and one of death. The animation is projected on the walls of an enclosed gallery space, looped so that the cycle of these pathways are continuous. As these characters traverse around the environment, the scenes change with them, as they repeatedly undo the other’s work as life sprouts from death and death from life.


Convergence is an interactive video artwork which incorporates 2D digital and physical methods of animation, as well as audio narration. The animation explores “mark making” in memory creation, as well as explores the visual (animation) and audio (voiceover) relationship between these memory formations. The video is projected on a wall, where a real piece of paper is taped underneath. Visitors are invited to draw on this paper while the projection plays.

Memory File Corrupted

These compilations were created with the intent of exploring the relationship between memory from mind, and recorded memories such as through photographs, drawings, notes, and video. While the memories that we form can change (even becoming unreliable,) the physical means we use to record and preserve memory can also turn undependable. Old notes that lack context, photographs that are so old they become faded and disconnected from the present, drawings that have forgotten the motive behind the idea, and the unreliability of digital technology: each of these devices used to record memory (untechnical or otherwise) become subject to decay.

This site may contain artworks with provocative content that some viewers may find uncomfortable or upsetting. AUArts supports a culture of non-censorship and ongoing conversations about contemporary art.