2021 Grad Show

Juliette Kroeker

AUArts Grad Show Punk 6


Fibre is the main medium I work in but frequently I pull in found materials, especially if is part of the message I’m trying to convey, like the excessive amounts of plastic we come across in our daily lives. I also love to try to present the beauty of nature, we live on an amazing planet and it deserves to protected rather than being stripped for resources and corporate profits. I have used crochet, weaving, embroidery, beading, felting, and eco-dyeing in most of my work and plan to keep using these skills as I move forward. I’ve also started exploring combining lino cut printing with embroidery to convey messages of bringing more nature into cities as this makes a city more livable.

Aerial Garden

Aerial Garden started out as an experimental piece of 3D printing that immediately made me think of the possibilities of using it as as the base for an embroidered garden. Embroidery always takes longer than you think it will especially when you're using French knots and layers of straight stitch in order to build up depth.

Death By Plastic

This work was inspired by the many stories I have seen about the problem of plastic pollution in the oceans. The creatures living in or near the oceans consume plastic waste as they feed or end up tied up in it. I used a lot of common plastic items that come into our house, yoghurt tubs, cereal bags, and shower puffs, many of which can't be properly recycled. Reducing the amount of plastic we use is the best answer to the ever growing problem. The piece has not joined the waste stream it is carefully stored away for future expansion and display.

Ghosts of Summer

This piece was a 24 x 24" piece of cotton with shibori stitching, in the shape of leaves, and dyed in an onion skin dye pot. The beading on the leaves brought back the colours the leaves had in Autumn and the beading and embroidery for the pine branches give us the colour that continues on throughout the year. Some detail pictures are included.

Print and Fibre

This year I used the work from home online setup to try a new skill that wouldn't need access to the school's print studio. I combined lino cut printing with embroidery as I shared a love of seeing plants defying the restrictions imposed by the use of concrete and asphalt in cities.


My decision to apply to AUArts was influenced by the fact that I wanted to learn to weave. I've had the chance to try a few types of weaving, floor, tapestry, and inkle loom, and I have enjoyed each type. This collection includes a few of my pieces that I have made over the last few years.

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