2021 Grad Show

Joyce Lam

AUArts Grad Show Joyce.Lam

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


I’m Joyce and I was born and raised in Calgary! I graduated at Alberta University of the Arts, formerly known as the Alberta College of Art and Design. When I’m not thinking of concepts, developing brands and designing logos, I love listening to music and playing games. I love pop music and orchestral music from movie or game soundtracks. I enjoy playing party games with my friends or video games with a great story. I also love to travel and enjoy visiting different countries and exploring different cultures.


Parch is a local brand that sells Chinese herbal teas also known as "Leung Cha." This beverage has been found throughout China for more than a hundred years. These teas restore the body’s harmony and heath according to principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine and are used as remedies for a range of health problems.

Bao Down

Bao Down is a magazine that unravels the rich history of dumplings from various cultures. We are excited to share with you what dumplings can do and what it represents in our lives.

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