2021 Grad Show

Kat Lam

AUArts Grad Show Kat-001

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


My name’s Kat, but I like dogs. I love Oreos in my cereal and bass music on the walk to work. I spent six years in my program so that I can shoot festivals in between classes and lead 36 students to New York City right before the world shut down. I capture stories as a photographer and I create them as a designer. I believe that as designers, we need to take a step back from the products we are designing and think about the systems that we are designing them for.

Writing this About Me blurb was the hardest part of this portfolio.


The things I do in between classes.

Eat Your Emotions Ice Cream

Eat Your Emotions Ice Cream is a fun, sustainable ice cream brand. The packaging design is made circular with a take-back program that rewards reuse. The product is shipped with a compostable fungus-based styrofoam alternative and dry ice to keep it cool. To close the loop, Eat Your Emotions Ice Cream rewards customers with $1 off each pint returned.

Designed with the cartoon enthusiast, Marissa Bender.


Milo. The budgeting app for millennials.

We are by no means, whatsoever, an expert financial brand. And that's the point. We're a brand made of real people who like real, not scary, money advice. Our goal is to just know what to expect on our next month's credit card statement and not have to worry about it.

Oh, and we have a dog. His name's Milo. We named the app after him because he gives us some much-needed emotional support. And he's here to be your Financial Support Animal™.


I could not think of a better way to end my final year of University than interning at electronic music label, Monstercat. As the Graphic Design Intern, I learned to design and animate for some of my new favourite artists. Here’s a showcase of some of my favourite projects that I’ve created for them.

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