2020 Grad Show

Carolina Vasquez-Lazo

AUArts Grad Show IMG_1676


I work within photography to document and explore narrative in themes of family, identity, and mental health. My photography is inspired by the movies I see and the music I hear. Using environment, body language, and composition to capture the emotions of my stories the viewer can begin to enter a world that is layered in significant meaning. I want those who see my images to resonate with the feelings and experiences portrayed. I began my journey in photography because I felt it was important to see underrepresented stories in media. This will always be why I continue to create my art.

Ropa Sucia

I often worry that my struggles will become my identity or what I am known for. The fear that I am tokenized for who I am and what I represent. Using the phrase “airing out dirty laundry in public” this series documents the process of cleaning and washing away my troubles through my artistic practice.

Your Flesh and Blood

This series is a documentation of the history of generational trauma in my family. Depicting the mental health issues that are tied to growing up in a home with a substance abusive parent. The dreamy imagery is used to illustrate a torn relationship between a father and his children, who are left alone to fend for themselves in the world. I want this work to be seen as therapeutic and destigmatizing for others who can relate.

Strawberry Swing

This piece is subverting colour in saturated strawberries. It allows the viewer to look at the details within the fruit and the blurred effect of the plastic overtop. It is an eerie close up of the organic and man-made.


Self portrait in a heavenly environment revealing death as an omnipresent possibility.

Grasping at the Unattainable

Through investigating of the role of femininity in my own life, I began to understand what it meant to me. This image represents the inability to grasp what femininity is. It is the depiction of what happens when an individual is caught between the desire to fight aesthetic stereotypes and conventions of a heteronormative society, along with the desire instilled in women to align themselves with characteristics that correlate with these gendered labels. This work captures the struggle to simply exist within societal norms.

Sometimes I Forget My Body Is Mine

A documentation of bodies and the relationship to stress that causes an individual to disconnect from themselves. The viewer can begin to feel limbs floating and the anxiety that enters the mind.

Divine Femininity

Using objects and gesture to capture images associated with sex and the body.

Un Maldición

I have used my connection to aesthetics and religion to create a visual representation of the detachment I feel. So much of my culture in centred around believing in God and being involved in a rigours religious practice, this way of life is not mine. This piece explores symbols and figures from catholic religion as props solely for aesthetic purpose.


A creative portrait using gloss, teeth, and lips in their natural environment.

All in a Dream

Sleep is a time to face the terrors that might be fictitious or part of our reality when we wake up. This image is depicting the beauty of the fears I face in my dreams, using surrealism and a monochromatic palette to enhance the theme.


This series is a colour study using a variety of photographic styles. Using the colour pink as the unifying element, the viewer can see the various interpretations with each subject.