2020 Grad Show

Caffrey LeBlanc

VCD – Character Design & Illustration

Book Cover - The Cloak and the Staff

The goal of this assignment was to create a book cover and illustration for a royalty free text. I chose an older short story titled The Cloak and the Staff as I found it to be quite interesting. I also believed it would lead me to create some unique illustrations for it.

Environment Work

This work is from an assignment in which students had to create an environment with a figure. I chose to depict something which had a sense of discovery or mystery.

What do I see under the sea

This assignment revolved around creating an image that could be out into a children's colouring book with the premise of it being a continuation of the line "what I see under the sea." I chose to show the evolution of the cephalopod species in a procession as it is something I found to be quite interesting when I was younger.