2020 Grad Show

Sophia Lengle

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My Arts’ practice is rooted in studio Craft. I work mainly with fibre and textiles, but also incorporate wood, drawing, and found objects into my practice.

“I use weaving, sewing, drawing and stones to delve into my lived experience of womanhood and relate to the stories of women around me, past and present. The themes that underpin my inspiration, materials and creations relate to resilience. Resilience refers to resourcefulness, endurance, and an ongoing dedication to the many mundane tasks that have been traditionally associated with woman’s work. In particular, the resilience women have shown in their personal craft, work that had to be portable, easy to put down and pick up again, and could be done in the midst of family life.”

The Burden of Adornment

This work is the culmination of my interests in value and excess, repetitive labour, and how these concepts can be investigated on the body and in-turn affect the body.

Desk Slab

My project Desk Slab acts as a record of a day of work. The finished pieces could be displayed away from the desk, but the furniture gives the organically determined mark making a context. The desk is a common form, but one that creates a physical and mental space within a space, in this instance a place of work within a domestic setting. Now that many of us are practicing social isolation and spending time at home artists are having to adapt and find ways of working from home with limited access to materials and square-footage. My desk has become a hub and touchstone for my practice.


A series of tile designs

Oak Bend

Bent lamination form inspired by mid-century modern lamps and furniture. Made while on exchange studying in Portland, Maine.

Woven Maps YEG and YYC

The orange fabric squares are woven using a waffle structure and embroidered with the maps of Edmonton and Calgary, a legend and scale occupy each bottom corner while pebbles mark important locations.
I was born in Edmonton however Calgary has become home over the last 4 years through I have recent moved back to Edmonton. Through this work I indulged in nostalgia and reflected on what my relationship is to my two cities.

Squares Within Squares

"Squares Within Squares" is my first Ikat weaving. The work required very precise planning, measuring, and dyeing of the warp and weft to create pattern.

80% of a Bathtub (in Progress)

In my drawing practice I take snapshots of familiar interiors and translate these somewhat mundane places into playful, mid-century modern inspired drawings. Unlike my drawings "80% of a Bathtub" is able to return into interior space as a dimensional painting: impressing the playful colour and patterning as a potential version of the room it was based on.
For this work I started with an image of my own bathtub at home, began drawing and am now in the
process of turning that drawing back into a physical space. Working this way is interesting because
the intended purpose of the space is lost through translation but gains new possibilities for ornament.