2021 Grad Show

Steven Lieu

AUArts Grad Show IMG_20210325_185117_429


My interest in with working with the subject of Death stems from my questioning of our typical human-emotional-reactions when viewing artworks involving the macabre and morbid. My decision to try and disassociate the emotional aspects of death from my drawings, to focus on the aesthetics is a way for me to create a blockage and disruption of emotions. A challenge that I give myself in order to produce drawings with the traditional subject of Death in a contemporary art world...while using traditional mediums.

The images I use are curated and appropriated from books with different subjects containing photo documentations of death. And after selecting an image to work from; I then distort it by cropping, fragmenting and removing areas within it. The addition of charcoal, ink and gesso; and their versatility for mark-making allows me to create images where the figures are not easily identifiable/readable as dead. Furthering the original context of the reference image from the final drawing; in hopes of blocking and/or disrupting emotional reactions to my drawings.

With all of the deaths that we are witnessing and hearing about around the world, and for some experiencing it personally. I would like to acknowledge that death is an emotional experience for some. But after our mourning process may we celebrate the lives of those who we have lost.


Over My Dead Body

This drawing contains the idiom Over My Dead Body drawn on top of the figures/bodies.

Wall of Death

A collection of smaller drawings; all relating back to the subject of death.

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