2021 Grad Show

Joshua Lo

AUArts Grad Show DSC_8110


In my practice, I push myself to create interactive objects that pique my own interest, I create objects that challenge me to grow and develop my understanding of interactions as an artist. Through the movements and playful presence of my work, I create an environment that allows people to feel comfortable talking about current events that are difficult to discuss. I have never been very good at starting conversations with others, and when challenging subjects such as politics or global events came up as topics, meaningful conversations can become heated too quickly. I strongly believe that conversation is more easily started with a joint fascination; with a united beginning to a conversation, people are more likely to understand each other’s views. Using play and humor I create spaces that initiate topics related to the current position of craft, and the effects of narcolepsy.


By using some of the symptoms I have personally experienced from narcolepsy, I have designed an experience that tries to spread understanding towards the effects of narcolepsy. By using memories, I created instances where people would be forced into a fabricated hallucination in Faux-tosynthesis.

Pane of Glaze

Through this collection, I challenged myself to create a glaze that could act as a pane of glass.

3D Design

An exploration of mechanical objects through 3D modeling

Cast Jewellery

Cast Kinetic Jewellery


A collection of past Jewellery work