2021 Grad Show

Sophia Love

AUArts Grad Show 20210423_163949[1]



I am an interdisciplinary artist who creates work from my explorations of my identity and reflecting on what it means to be biracial (Chinese & Scottish and bit of Irish, Canadian) as well as a curiosity and love for the natural world in nature and animals. I have tackled numerous themes and topics in my work, in the last four years I have explored topics of escapism, reflection, feminism and environmentalism. My hope as an artist is that a community of people made from my viewers can learn to have a greater care of empathy after encountering my artwork. All of the themes I have explored tries to entice viewers to consider the constructs in society, and also reveal what the viewer may think of the topic being depicted from my art.
My practice is unique in the contemporary art world because I use my materials to bring emphasis on the art objects agency and meaning though Material Media Archaeology and Thing Theory analysis philosophy. Scholars that I have researched are Friedrich Kittler, Erkki Huhtamo, Jussi Parikka, and Bill Brown. Researching their texts have helped me make my art practice what it is today. Critical Theory has helped me create art that I can apply my personal experiences and values into a physical form in the world.
Morehshin Allahyari applies Media Archeology directly in her artwork especially in Material Speculation (2015-2016), she takes destroyed artifacts from her birthplace in Iran, and 3D prints copies of the lost object.
Ephemeral objects, materials and our experiences are key factors to discussion and memorable moments in our lives. And I similarly apply this practise in my uses of depicting historical weapons, and traditional dress in my art. By applying my research, personal experiences and love for history and nature into my exploration of myself and the world, I truly believe that reflecting and understanding the world around us leads to enlightening encounters, especially with the close consideration of my material choices causing us to reflect on what that object is or was.



The Damage

These Places

Violent Comfort

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