2021 Grad Show

Maria Manalo

AUArts Grad Show Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 4.31.56 PM

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Generally, I do a bit of everything!
There's no part of design that I dislike.
I love the learning, the process, the hustle.

​There's always something new,
and I want to be there for it.

Vans AD - Collaboration Project

A collaboration effort with Nicole Yoo, Georgina Metzler,
and photography students, Hannah Mahan, and Jay Herrera.
We were to create a VANS print ad based on the creative brief
by the Young Ones Awards 2020.

Goal: Putting the PRO in Vans Pro

Chocolat - Circular Packaging Design

The challenge of this project was to come up with a creative rationale and
design eco-friendly packaging while applying the concepts of circular design behind it.

In this case, I chose a chocolate bar with packaging made from cocoa shells.
From growing the cocoa beans, to manufacturing the chocolate, to processing the cocoa paper.

Smile - Storytelling

A project open to the student's direction.
In my case, I chose a comic with a storyboard design.

This is a preview of the full comic that can be found in my website.
It is a story about a man and why he chooses to smile everyday.

All art, text, and characters are made by me.

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