2020 Grad Show

Brittany Maraneta

AUArts Grad Show Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 5.50.12 PM

Media Arts


Brittany Maraneta is an artist who is exploring language and the contrast of cultural communities. Maraneta 's works consists of text, installations, sound and performance. She often questions her identity and how her visual appearance of colour shapes who she is, or how she is perceived, Maraneta questions the idea of racism being consumed in the world with how we are portrayed through society and media. She usually explores the language being used to describe people of colour which brings her to question the use of identity through xenophobia, microaggressions, etc.


Perspective is a series Maraneta creates in her undergrad of Alberta's University of the Arts. Maraneta creates works that discuss about racism and bring the audience a tour into what racism can look like. Each work is different perspective to describe racism through stereotypes, inner racism and microaggressions.