2021 Grad Show

Marissa Bender

AUArts Grad Show portrait8

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


I am a storyteller by nature and my favourite projects are the ones where I can communicate through graphics and the written word. Every one of my designs is driven by my curiosity to learn new skills or discover more about the world around me. Through AUArts, I've enjoyed developing my skills in brand design, package design, information design, motion graphics, typography, user experience design, and so much more. I love to try out everything I can. In my free time, I also draw and write creative fiction. No matter the project, I have an endless supply of passion and chocolate to get me through it!

StorybookTalk Information Design

StorybookTalk is a customizable book designed to help parents talk to their young children about death. To reflect their child’s personal journey with grief, character design options are inclusive of gender identities, disabilities, and ethnic variances. A grief counseling website would host the instructional video to guide customers through their book order.

Eat Your Emotions Ice Cream Brand Design

Eat Your Emotions Ice Cream is a fun, sustainable ice cream brand. The packaging design is made circular with a take-back program that rewards reuse. The product is shipped with a compostable fungus-based styrofoam alternative and dry ice to keep it cool. To close the loop, Eat Your Emotions Ice Cream rewards customers with $1 off each pint returned. Eat Your Emotions Ice Cream was designed in collaboration with fellow graduate, and ice cream enthusiast, Kat Lam!

Powerade Rebrand Design

Powerade has an aggressive neon blue and black style that places importance on physical strength. But, for many, this fitness goal is unrealistic. For this rebrand, Powerade is re-imagined with a different kind of power: motivation. The result is a gender neutral brand that supports everyone regardless of athletic prowess. Designed for ease and convenience, the bottles have ridges for sweaty palms to grip, a flat sturdy bottom to stand on, a loop on the cap for carrying or attaching the bottle to bags or equipment, and an easy drinking spout. Powerade is a great choice to take with you to the gym, on hikes, or wherever you like to exercise. The Powerade rebrand was designed in collaboration with fellow graduate and designer Sofia Velasquez!

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