2020 Grad Show

Victoria McInnis


Through my most recent body of work, Technologized Séances: Accessing the Spirit World Through Electromagnetic Waves in Technology, 2019, I have been exploring the ideas of technology as tools of connection/disconnection through the vehicle of electromagnetic waves, and using the occult ideas of spiritualism and the rituals of the séance as a platform.

I am creating works which construct a hybridization of mystic and scientific realm of existence, and engage in a practice of connection and communication, while allowing myself, as the medium, and the participants to occupy both veins of intention in the works. By using technology that functions through electromagnetic wavelengths, such as televisions, radios, and computers, as tools to host the séances I have created a vehicle of communication between technology, (which exists in front of us) and the spirit world. These forms of technology are also used as vehicles to further communication and connection between each other, though often they also become barriers. By re-tooling the technology that simultaneously connects and disconnects us, I am able to comment on this disconnection, and create moments of collective experiences and connections. The séance has become the ideal platform to insert technology into conversation with the spirit world, and simultaneously transform the technology, superseding their primary function to become tools to create connection amongst each other.

Board of Governors Graduating Student Award Recipient - Sculpture

Time Machine/ Earth Longevity Tool

Time Machine/Earth Longevity Tool (2019) is a machine which is intended to take from the length of the life from the user and deposit that time donation onto the length of the Earth’s lifespan. The machine uses a simple time-sucking device, a converter, and transceivers to move the lifespan length from the user and into the Earth. The operation of this machine is guided by The Facilitator. Their presence alongside the operation of the machine guides the user through the donation process and then matches their donation, the length/amount of which is determined by the donator.

Cyber Séance II

Cyber Séance II (2019) is an installation which hybridized internet and computer technology with séances and spiritualism. Consisting of a Ouija Board made from a QWERTY keyboard titled Wiji Board, and connected to a television set displaying a video of a technologized séance taking place, and mounted onto a wall of tinfoil, Cyber Séance II implicates a séance where the communication from the spirit world occurs in cyberspace and through familiar technology.
This installation is used to consider the relationships between communication and connection, through the vehicle of spiritualism, and the use of technology as a tool which both connects and disconnects, through the vehicle of electromagnetic waves.