2021 Grad Show

Meagan McNarry

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VCD – Character Design & Illustration

I use my art as a conduit to tell stories and evoke emotion. Written narratives have always been a primary interest to me, and I remain captured by the art of storytelling and its ability to create worlds and experiences using only the imagination of the reader. I look to further expand the scope of my own storytelling by designing characters and worlds, painting a vast narrative landscape that allows viewers to take away an experience unique to themselves. Whether through comics, animation, or digital interactive media, I enjoy contributing to the scene of entertainment with a visual experience that may give the viewer an escape from everyday life.

A Ghostly Portrait

Character Fun

A few fun character illustrations done in the context of friends.

EMPATH: Story Beats

4 key story points of EMPATH.
The EMPATH is a knowledge-devouring alien that has learned from mercenaries, cutthroats, and liars--humanity's worst. Two astronauts encounter it, and it kills the one with a kind heart and good nature. It learns from him and feels...sadness. Empathy.
Procreate, 5500 x 3300 px (35 x 23 in) each, 2020

EMPATH: Visual Development And Test Pages

EMPATH is a rough concept of a graphic novel featuring two space explorers touching down on TRAPPIST-1e and their encounter with an alien life form. This collection consists of a visual development book with two rough pages of the beginning of the story.
Digital, 2020

Liminal: Visual Development

"Liminal" is a young adult graphic novel that explores emotion manifest into physical beings. Young college students comprise the main cast as they explore the Liminal world, the plane upon which these beings reside, just out of sight.
Digital, 2020.


Schism: Character Explorations

Schism: Character design process. "Schism" tells the story of a post-cataclysmic setting in which humans are fighting to survive in a rapidly mutating world as their humanity hangs on by a thread; all the while discovering both remnants of the old world as well as new, developing societies.
Digital, 2021

Schism: World Development

Process for the world design of "Schism". Mutating life and unbalanced ecosystems define the characteristics of Schism's world. Old world ruins and new bizarre structures can be found in equal fascinating measure.
Digital, 2021

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