2021 Grad Show

Sarah McPhee

AUArts Grad Show Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 8.40.02 PM

VCD – Character Design & Illustration

An artist of some sort with interests in illustration, character design, film and animation, and textile crafts. The joy of mixed media is being able to explore and discover the fun, quirky, and beautiful in everything around me. My aim is that through my art and stories, I can share in this feeling of joyful inspiration and love for the whimsical.

Wizard of Oz

Revisiting and reinterpreting some classic characters.

Circus Backstage

A collection of characters getting ready for a show

Drink Icons Morph Animation

Exercise in creating smooth transitions in motion graphics

Environments of a Fantasy Journey

Inspired by the works of Eyvind Earle and Dr. Seuss

Moth and the Maiden

Story development for a potential short animation.

Mushroom City

The City of Calgary made out of mushrooms as a symbol of the city's resilience

My Monster

A children's book about the difficulty in dealing with anxiety taking the form of an overwhelming monster.

SAMcPhee Animation

An animated logo to summarize and introduce my art

Stop Motion Walk Cycle

For this project I fabricated an articulated puppet and environment set so I could try my hand at stop motion animation.

This site may contain artworks with provocative content that some viewers may find uncomfortable or upsetting. AUArts supports a culture of non-censorship and ongoing conversations about contemporary art.