2021 Grad Show

Yuan Meng

AUArts Grad Show Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 1.42.50 PM

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


I'm a artist that specializes in illustration and character design. I've been working on environmental concept design, as well as object design. My work tends to be on the more realistic side of character design.

Character Design- The Seven Plagues; Niehr

This collection is a character design that I created during the fall semester of my senior year. The character has a plague doctor-esque design to it, and is the first of a series of characters with different masks covering their faces.

Character Design- Emperor of Ten Thousand Worlds

This Collection is a Character design I created in my senior year. The character is based on an old project I made in the second year where we researched a civilization and then advanced the technological capacities of said civilization. This character is also a reference to the Jade Emperor, a deity in Chinese mythology.

Character Design- Senator Golden Star

This collection is a character design that I created in my senior year. The character is a reference to the Gold Star of Venus, which is a deity in Chinese Mythology. He's most known as a prominent figure in the novel, "Journey to the West".

Creature Design- Ambistoma Aedes

This collection is a creature design that I created for an art challenge. The design was for a monster that could fit into the world of the "Monster Hunter" series.

Environmental Design- Bar

This collection is an environmental design I worked on in my senior year. I came up with the design after one of my earlier practices with environmental design failed, but this piece ended up quite well.

Environmental Design- Snake House

This collection is an mini-project that I made in my senior year. The idea of the project was to use illustrations to illustrate the definition of a given word. I ended up turning the entire project into an environmental piece.

Environmental Design- Ten Alders

This collection is an environmental design of Ten Alders, a village on the Island of Gont from the Earthsea series.

Item Design- Set of Potions

This collection is a set of potions that I designed for a mini-project involving bottles.

Monte Cristo- Book Cover and Character Design

This collection is a series of illustrations based on the Novel "The Count of Monte Cristo". It includes a book cover, illustrations, and character design artworks.

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