2020 Grad Show

Matthew Merrett

AUArts Grad Show Merrett_Matthew_portrait

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


I am a graphic designer that works primarily in the digital medium, that could be considered as: editorial, logo design, branding, etcetera. Most of my work is focused into motion design. Motion design has been interesting me more over the past three years. The more I learn about it, the more I understand just how powerful a medium it is for communication, and how inspiring it is for me. Movement in design is eye catching, and when done right, it feels extraordinarily satisfying, and to me it is an incredibly addictive element of motion design. Beyond the simple qualities that excite me, the overall use of motion in design is powerful, and I believe it has the potential to instinctively and creatively connect with the audience in ways other mediums cannot.
From a standpoint in relation to graphic design as a professional career, the motive of my practice is to communicate clear and concise visuals to describe whatever it is that I am trying to covey for the project.
I begin by identifying a problem and finding a solution to it. This process takes the longest. I explore many different outlets to identify the base and core of the issue, and devise not just a solution, but a whole method to answering and maintaining the desired effect, while imposing my own personal style into whatever it is that I am creating. I strive to effectively answer the question in my own way, and to provide for the audience not just an answer, but a creative story that helps them understand it; a story that intrigues them enough to explore beyond what was initially answered for them.
My personal motivation is to create interesting projects that inspire myself as much as whoever is viewing them. I chase the feeling of presenting my work to others and standing confidently behind it; of speaking to it, identifying the decision making behind it and watching the reactions I incite through it. I value connection with those that I am communicating to far beyond the visual component, my visuals must always be strong, but they are nothing if they do not evoke any feeling. Learning and growing my work based on the input of others is an element that I value strongly, and I will continually accept and cherish it throughout my practice because my designs are not just for myself, but for the world around me.

Innsmouth Typeface

A typeface inspired by many different blackletter typefaces, but mostly inspired by the eerie stories written by author H.P. Lovecraft. A beer can design is included to showcase the typeface in use.

Sentient Fruit

An Instagram campaign I did for myself to help promote my brand. This project was a lot of fun for me as I could diverge from my usual restrictions, and really play around with some of the weird ideas that I have from time to time.

Altered States

A new and explorative niche magazine that engages with the scientific world of psychedelics and philosophy.

Collaboration project with Roan Bohonos. His website: roan.bohonos.com

The B.L.A.N.C. Initiative

The B.L.A.N.C. Initiative is an interactive scavenger hunt experience that takes place at the Calgary Telus Spark science centre. It's goal is to creatively engage people of all ages into learning more about some of the most mysterious entities in our known universe; black holes.

Peters' Drive-In Rebrand

Built in 1964, Peters’ Drive In is an iconic Calgary fast food restaurant. Through this rebrand, the purpose was to re-establish the authenticity of Peters’ Drive-In, and bring back the nostalgic feel that focuses on community and family. This was done through logo and package redesign, new brand standards, and a community event centered around tradition and family fun – Peters’ style. A collaboration project done with Béla Horvath, his website linked here: callmebayla.com

Art Direction and Branding: Matt and Béla
Logo Animation: Matt Merrett
Vintage Montage Animation: Béla Horvath