2020 Grad Show

Cristina Merritt



UV Simulation Series - Sunflower

Bees and other insects can view colors in the UV spectrum. This series is my imagining of what they might see when looking at flowers for pollination. I want to place the viewers in a honey bee's shoes, to help us see the world in a new way.

Water From Alberta, Ice Block 1

A series based on an article I read about how Alberta is at the top of the water pyramid and how we treat the water affects all the people down stream of us.

Apis Mellifera Series - Drips

Droplets of honey drip down the sides of a centrifugal honey extractor.
This image is part of a series that started working on in the summer of 2018. My interest in the Western honey bee is in part due to all species of bees and other pollinators place in the ecosystem. How human impact on the environment leads to a global domino effect. These images were captured by shadowing a backyard beekeeper here in Calgary, AB.

LA in 1992

I was 8 years old living in LA when the Rodney King beating/1992 LA riots happened. This is a soundscape I created for a class assignment in 2020 revisiting news clips of that time and how much I was part of something but was also so unaware of all the nuance.