2021 Grad Show

Georgina Metzler

AUArts Grad Show georgeMetzler_she_her_ikwe

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


I believe that good design can move the world forward in a positive direction. Life is complicated, how you navigate through the digital world shouldn't be.

I come from the shores of Anishinaabwei-Gichigami near the place where the Thunderbird Nests exist.

I'm passionate about:

UI/UX Design
Circular Packaging
Curious by nature

Psychedelic Rabbit

Psychedelic Rabbit is a font I designed to play homage to 70's style psychedelic rock. It tells the story of addiction and is ment to flow and ebb like a lava lamp, you can manipulate the letters into different shapes. I created a kinetic font video to showcase it, using an acoustic version of White Rabbit by Grace Slice, used with permission - she gives permission to artists to use her art in our art.

Campbells Soup Jingle

a team project, created a 30 second ad for Campbells soup - I was responsible for writing the lyrics, my project partner did an amazing job singing! the campaign was, if you bought a can of soup for your self, then you just buy an extra one for the food bank, Campbells would also donate a can of soup to your local food bank. .

Manoomin Wild Rice

ᒪᓅᒥᓐ [ma • noo • min] n. 1. a tall aquatic grass, Zizania aquatica, of northeastern North America. 2. the grain of this plant, used for food.
Manoomin Wild Rice, the food that grows on water, is a sacred food. Manoomin has been part of our legends and teachings since the earliest times. It is a sacred food that is part of our migration story and the Seven Fires Prophecy. Package design includes circular design to reduce waste of packaging, when you turn the package it makes the sound of rain, like a rain stick. Also sacred to the peoples of the Anishinaabwei-Gichigami, because we reside near where the Thunderbird Nests exist and the Thunderbird brings rains and protection in exchange we protect the water.

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