2021 Grad Show

Bana M Khalesi


Art Statement
Bana khalesi

My artworks are formalist at first observation, but I also try to discover a greater communication path in my work. My inspiration in making art comes from literature, music, nature, forms of human bodies, and graphical patterns in early civilizations.
In my process, I start with a narration between elements of the story. This narration, mostly allegorical questions and imaginary answers,
I like to work in layers of design in painting the main ground, background and foreground or in 3 dimensional proportions, line of actions, details and texture. I work with ceramic, acrylic, oil painting, Ink, metal, paper, stone, and fibre.


Painting in layers like memories, Like the memories from an event from the way back.
Peoples in abstraction, figurative drawing from day by day in an objective format.
Some of the paintings include five layers of paintings depicted in different time.

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