2021 Grad Show

Janira Moncayo

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Media Arts

Janira Moncayo is a video artist, whose work reclaims the commodified and stereotyped “Latina” identity, decolonizing mainstream media's unidimensional tropes. Her videos critique racial erasure and misrepresentation, but most importantly celebrate ethnicity and race as complex and diverse identities, each person embodies as their own.

Cosas de Chicas (Girl Talk)

Cosas de Chicas (Girl Talk) deconstructs the term Latina in a series of three video essays: Beauty Standards, Motherhood, and Define Latina. Through dialogue, women of different backgrounds, racial identities and sexualities decolonize Western stereotypes and traditional gender roles in Latin-America. The series advocates for the visibility and inclusion of experiences of women of color in media. Recorded during lockdown, the conversation emphasizes that advocacy is atemporal and adaptable.

The video series is available on the artist's Vimeo.

Identity Erasure

Through the eyes of an immigrant in Canada, Identity Erasure reflects on the progression from a passive receiver of media stereotypes, into an active oppressor of my Ecuadorian culture while living abroad. Internalized racism did not originate in my destination country, but was a result of slowly, building unconscious bias.

Xenophobia is not a Symptom

Found-footage film that examines the patterns of discriminatory associations between ethnicity and disease during the 2000s, using mainstream media material from the 2003 SARS, 2009 AH1N1 Influenza, 2014 Ebola and the latest, 2020 COVID-19.

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