2021 Grad Show

Justine Morrow

AUArts Grad Show Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 11.30.51 AM

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


I enjoy designing work that has a tactile or an experiential element. Combining texture and depth with pattern, and geometric shapes describes my design style. My inspiration often comes from my Interaction with my environment, and our need to protect it.


This series of KIND granola bar packaging have features designed for people who have vision impairment. User experience is always a priority in package design, but essential with this audience. Layout consistency is crucial, except for key variations in colours and the line pattern on each bar, directed at the visually impaired’s specific needs. The goal of the package variation is to facilitate independence, empower individuality and efficiency while the customer makes a personal choice.

David Carson

This expressive typography project focused on creating a response to David Carson's work. Reflecting on a typography designer’s work and then responding with an expansion in my own work was enlightening as a designer. I expanded this concept into designing a series of TRESemmé shampoo and conditioner bottle designs.


This was a group project where I collaborated with Erin Torrance. We created a brand identity for a Car2go competitor located in Calgary, Alberta. Our idea was to provide a luxury car rental for customers to enjoy on their night out. We wanted our customers to feel empowered; to stand-out, turn heads, and be envied when using verve luxury car rentals.

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