2021 Grad Show

Victoria Nagy

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I am a fibre-based artist whose current practice is rooted in weaving, dyeing, sewing, performance, and the written word. My exploration of self is the key subject of the art I create. My works have often focused on humour, my own mental and physical health, as well as tactile desire - the need to feel the artwork (please do). My greatest inspiration comes from an enthusiasm to communicate with others. My goal is to create an open dialogue to encourage thoughtful consideration of the themes in my art. From there my other inspirations originate from introspective reflection, collecting of data, spoken word poetry, domestic history, and images I find absurd or silly. While some of the topics I investigate are challenging, the relatability of the struggles I present and suffer from are hopeful. The viewer and I are not alone in the experience.
Written or spoken word combined with tactile representation is essential for most of my works. I use it to further my own expression as well as a point of accessibility for works of art that I see as touchstones for opening up conversation around difficult topics.

Frame of Mind

Frame of Mind is a visual representation of my attempts to control and contain my anxieties. The harsh shapes and structure attempt to form boxes the organize my anxieties, aiming to keeping them separate, and less overwhelming. Frame of Mind can be seen day and night, as this process never ends, and regardless of the hard work put in the anxieties always exist there. Translating this mental health experience into art was done in conjunction with mental health counselling.

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