2021 Grad Show

Lim Nam

AUArts Grad Show IMG_3853 2

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Understanding goals are primary for me to provide the best support in achieving the communication objectives. I do not have a standard suggestion, just as no one solution fits all. Every idea is valuable because everything, hence every solution is different for its goals.

BeLiving Co.

BeLiving Co. features both private and shared living spaces. It brings co-living, co-working, and community together, all under the same roof. The app trailer leads the community to find all the information they need and connect easily by downloading the app. The app provides features such as a calendar, community communication, chats, and community activities and events as well.


0% is a zero-waste lifestyle magazine that promotes environmental awareness. The magazine provides information about recent environmental issues and illustrates how to incorporate a simple zero-waste lifestyle by organizing our lives through essential consumption to become the foundation of a sustainable society.


YESCAPE is for people who want to escape from their repetitive everyday life.
We want people to enjoy their happiness and freedom by visiting our lounge
and using the products designed with freestyle drawings.

This project was made in collaboration with SunAh Hur.

ZOWA - Pentawards Shortlist 2020

"Zowa" is a brand of perfume souvenirs with a series of multicultural perfumes that represent each country’s atmosphere. Four scents of perfume use an adjective that represents the country and the scent tied to it. The name of the scent hails from the country's own language. The package design illustrates that each country has its characteristics, however, everything comes together to become one. The connected line of each perfume evokes harmony and shows that we are bonded together.

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