2020 Grad Show

Jane Oh

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Being a dedicated and passionate learner, I value fun and enjoying what I do as a core value as a designer. I utilize bright and bold colours to accentuate details within my design. I believe that behind every good design, there’s a supportive team that makes it happen. I truly value other people’s work, and thoroughly enjoy working within group settings, because I think that there is merit to every single idea.
In my spare time I love to go on walks, read books and peruse local grocery stores!

SELF Campaign

The SELF Series was created to be apart of the ASOS Face + Body ad campaign. I wanted to create a campaign that encapsulated what the brand is about- not being afraid to express yourself, despite what society or others may say. This campaign's purpose is to show individuals that beauty is defined from within, rather than the superficial. For casting, I focussed on selecting an individual who very much so embodies this lifestyle and school of thought.