2021 Grad Show

Nicholas Orich

AUArts Grad Show 4

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


My passion for art is rooted in character design and concept art for video games.

I find solace in the problem solving side of process work. I think of myself as a concept designer.
Silhouettes, shape language, and sketches are my jam, and I love to explore art style and new concepts on a per project basis.


This is the tale of a girl who must leave her underground village for the surface world to find out what is hurting the population of fireflies that the underground society depends on for light and warmth.

Bones Now, Characters and Props

Bones Now is a story of a naïve pirate whose old shovel gets possessed by a cursed mask. She uses this shovel to banish the souls of the damned, and to sever malicious ties between the living and the dead.
It's magical girl meets gardening tools + pirates.

Bones Now, Environments

This is a continuation of Bones Now, showcasing some development of the environments and some concept art related to it.


A mockup for a dystopian mural.

The Cabinet

I wanted to try and tell the story of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari while simultaneously study the more graphic style of the illustrator Jim Flora.

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