2021 Grad Show

DeNeane Osmond

AUArts Grad Show Me on the train bw

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


Flamingo the Flamenco Dancer

As confident and graceful as a peacock with all the flare, this Flamingo pursues his passion to dance the Flamenco.

Bird People

Inspired by Surrealism, the Bird People combines elements of birds and people to create a new series of creatures.

Motion March

Through the month of March I created an Animated Animal Alphabet as a fun personal challenge. Each letter is represented by an animal that moves in its
​own creative way. The following are 6 of the 26 letters; for the full alphabet, check out my website!

Animal August

A personal challenge to produce an animal everyday for the month of August. For the full 31 days, check out my website!


A sampling of some favorite character creations.


A collection of illustrations.

The Great Australian Sketchbook

In my third year at AUArts I had the extraordinary opportunity to participate in the exchange program, travelling to Canberra, Australia. The pages in this collection are from the sketchbook I kept during my semester abroad.

Freelance Samples

Just a few freelance projects.


Highlights from my Glass Minor practice.

Other Media

A tribute to other disciplines I had the opportunity to try during my time at AUArts.