2021 Grad Show

DeNeane Osmond

AUArts Grad Show Me on the train bw

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


Animal August

A personal challenge to produce an animal everyday for the month of August. For the full 31 days, check out my website!

Bird People

Inspired by Surrealism, the Bird People combines elements of birds and people to create a new series of creatures.


A sampling of some favorite character creations.

Flamingo the Flamenco Dancer

As confident and graceful as a peacock with all the flare, this Flamingo pursues his passion to dance the Flamenco.

Freelance Samples

Just a few freelance projects.


Highlights from my Glass Minor practice.


A collection of illustrations.

Motion March

Through the month of March I created an Animated Animal Alphabet as a fun personal challenge. Each letter is represented by an animal that moves in its
​own creative way. The following are 6 of the 26 letters; for the full alphabet, check out my website!

Other Media

A tribute to other disciplines I had the opportunity to try during my time at AUArts.

The Great Australian Sketchbook

In my third year at AUArts I had the extraordinary opportunity to participate in the exchange program, travelling to Canberra, Australia. The pages in this collection are from the sketchbook I kept during my semester abroad.

This site may contain artworks with provocative content that some viewers may find uncomfortable or upsetting. AUArts supports a culture of non-censorship and ongoing conversations about contemporary art.