2020 Grad Show

Megan Parker

AUArts Grad Show megan.parker

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


Hey, you funk fresh human! Let me formally introduce myself. I'm Megan, an Alberta based visual artist working across a variety of disciplines. You can find me most often with ink stains all over, working on my latest sketchbook getting some ideation going on new projects! I'm currently working as a communications coordinator for the Students Association.

Beginners Guide to Divination

Completed as my thesis project, however, I still continue to chip away at this magickal project. A Tarot style deck meant to expose those interested in divination and/or witchcraft to a different kind of divination, things they should be aware of, and eventually so many more cards full of rich information to help enrich the reader's spiritual journey. The full collection as it stands can be viewed on my website!

Sketchbook Highlights + Patterns

Highlights from my personal sketchbook and pattern library. More content like this can be viewed on my website!

Remixing Oldies but Goldies

Remixing classic book covers to give them a new life. A fresh modern take on one of my favorite classic books.

Witchy Business

Works that were created for my project "Beginners Guide to Divination", as well as other witchy themed works.