2020 Grad Show

Larissa Pendlebury

AUArts Grad Show IMG_0784


My work explores the importance of authorship in connection to my relationship with my family, specifically the relationship between myself and my father. I adapt and transform personal photographs, handwritten momento’s, and found materials through the mimicking of words, phrases, and labels. In my Most recent work I am also using video as a way to work through my process, where I dress in my father's clothing and attempt to put myself in his persona, or “in his shoes”. I use repetition to gain perspective and control over the persistent vagueness that comes from memories and recollections of my past. As memories aren't always how we remember them, neither are people, hence the making of videos over and over again until they feel resolved, or I as the artist feel that I have embodied my father in some way. I use a process of sorting and categorizing reference materials. My work is informed by select works of Emma Kay and her use of memory in relation to a text.

The events I reference in my work are traumatizing experiences. In July of 2010, my father was in a workplace incident of an accidental explosion. I turned thirteen years old that day and felt obliged to laboriously care for my father. Recently, in previous works that I am drawing from I had been teaching myself to memorize and make forgeries of the personal writings of love letters and family photographs. I then reconstruct them into compositions that I imagine to be more sincere than the deception of the original. While still using my family and my father as inspiration and a driving force for this work I will continue this process and I hope to make more video works with these themes in mind.

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