2021 Grad Show

Emily Perkins

AUArts Grad Show portrait-correctsize-1200×1500

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Hi there!
Come take a look at some of my favourite designs, ranging from designs for print to app prototypes.
My passion has always been user experience design, with a sprinkle of logo and typeface design. I love meeting people and getting to know them, to find the best way to communicate with their audience. Ultimately, I want to find ways to make technology seamless, and mold it to create a more efficient and effective society.

Jackson Square

This is one of my favourite paintings from the last couple years. I created this as a wedding present for my friend and her new husband who were both missing New Orleans.

Prairie Freighters

I created this font based on the hand painted signs created by my grandfather's trucking company in the 70's. The font I named "Prairie Freighters", after the name of the company, was created early 2020, when the pandemic was just beginning to hit hard, and front line workers including truckers were working to keep things moving. This font was my thank you letter to our front line workers.


We live in a world full of so many brilliant people with brilliant minds, however, because we are all so different, that brilliance can manifest in different ways in different people. What if every mind was so brilliant that they could change the world in a different way? If that were true, where would we even start?
My idea is to create a way in which technology can help children, their parents, and their teachers find the way they learn best, through the science of Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence and some super delicious fruit.

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