2020 Grad Show

Sara Perry-Din

AUArts Grad Show ofme

Jewellery & Metals


Practicing metalsmithing, woodworking and drawing techniques I craft small-scale objects. I avoid perfection to obtain honesty from failure and mistakes in the objects I make. Visual queues demonstrating the unskilled nature of my hands reveal tensions between performance and function. Familiar tools such as mirrors, scissors or candles are slanted to visualize unconscious moods and playfulness in domestic spaces. Through the craft process I re-contextualize objects to demonstrate the absurdity of existing today yesterday and tomorrow. I juxtapose action and object to examine to the ugly moods and ridiculous ways humans like to contain and structure themselves.

See You Through And We'll Be On Our Own

Five empty frames with sterling silver headbands hang from steel hang from plastic white hooks. The frames drop as if looking down from the apartment wall. The headbands replace faces that would have hung in the frames. The title "See You Through (We'll Be On Our Own)" from the lyrics of the Talking Heads' song "Slippery People" (1984) refers to the act of detecting the true motives of a person and in doing so alienating that person despite the hopes of wanting to exist together.