2021 Grad Show

Isabella Pilz

AUArts Grad Show Final1_V02_4

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


I crawled out of the sea to live among mountaintops...which means I'm a Dutch Canadian who flew to Canada in 2008. Now I'm an illustrator who recently graduated from study at AUArts with a major in character design and a minor in animation. Much of my creativity stems from observing and partaking in the natural world through hiking and exploring. The intricacies of living creatures and environments fascinate me and find their way into my work in the form of organic lines and strange life-forms. I further enjoy exploring themes of language, mythology, communication and connection through world-building and storytelling.

Evolution Comic Spread

This comic spread was commissioned by Shannon Reeves for the collaborative project The Act of Getting Lost. The project consisted of the work of three comic artists and one writer, which were then remixed by Shannon to create something new. This spread was my contribution to the project.

The Shrike - Hyperion by Dan Simmons Book Cover

The Traveler World-building + Exploration

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