2020 Grad Show

Jasmine Piper

AUArts Grad Show spaceinpeace


Through my performances wearing alien masks I am exploring my own feelings of alienation as a fat, queer, settler and Cree woman, living in the colonial state known as Canada. This juxtaposes the normative socio and geo-political designations of illegal alien or immigrant, allowing reflection upon concepts of identity and ownership of spaces and culture. With the Calgarian, an alien skin constructed from a denim shirt, I infiltrate and subvert Albertan culture here in Mohkinstsis. Using digital collage I create humour, disarming the colonial audience.

Stampede II: Forever Stampede

The Calgary Stampede has been an iconic cultural gathering for over 100 years, and in my work Stampede II: Stampede Forever I’ve made ads exploring where the legacy of colonialism may lead us in the future.

The Calgarian

The Calgarian believes in progress. Progress is the end of a certain way of living unknown to them in a way that isn’t as convoluted as it appears but it's much more complicated and civilized than these plebeians would realize. We eat with forks here god damnit. And everything makes much more sense if you think about it being the most successful method we have right now out of all others, in which we measure success by how many others we are better than. Don’t you understand? The real of it, the reality! The reality we do not share with others unless they are forced, because why would it make sense to allow converging obstacles without questioning them within our own understandings. Doesn’t that make sense? We have to eat, so we can make