2020 Grad Show

Morgan Platts

AUArts Grad Show Profile



We are in the age of the digital and the digital is taking over.
What happens when the digital plain we exist in virtually becomes a reality?

Working with ideas surrounding old vs. new, cut and paste, and digital vs. physical, my work expresses the idea that the digital landscape we have formed around us is a fleeting yet simultaneously persisting space that is ever-changing. Through adopting digital drawing techniques, images and specific iconography using paint, mylar, wood, inkjet prints and found objects, my work aims to make the digital tangible.


This body of work explores feelings of isolation and liminality through the lens of the virtual space that connects us.

Are You Feeling Nostalgic?

This global pandemic has thrown a wrench into the way we live our everyday lives. We are all cooped up in our homes with only what we have, our hobbies, and for the lucky number of us, an internet connection. With everything going on, I was inspired to paint a pair of roller skates I acquired from Lloyds Roller Rink in Calgary before they shut down. These skates serve as a tangible manifestation of that nostalgia and longing.