2020 Grad Show

Jake Price

AUArts Grad Show Photo on 2019-11-21 at 2.56 PM


I've been fascinated with cartoons my entire life. Wacky action, intense face expressions and reactions, all that stuff. For a 'cartoon' to exist (or even the act of 'cartooning' in an art practice), one must first have an understanding of the real world they are a part of... their place in it, how they view it, and how they view the other people in it. Creating a cartoon world means to take what makes a person's 'reality' what it is, and subvert it to reveal a new reality, almost as if cartoons exist in an alternate, realized reality where the rules abide by a person's own perception and understanding of 'humanity', turned ironic, to reveal what that person sees as some sort of truth. At least that's what I get out of it. The truth I see is in the characters I make. My characters: Wreck the Tyrannosaurus, Lily Plush, and Tear Dactyl almost represent different branches of my perception. The 'real me' is constantly switching and constantly conflicting itself because of which character, as well as which reality (tangible or made up) is actually the true *me*.

My art is all about using cartoon sensibilities and character to negotiate truth, reality, and idealism, while not forgetting the fact that the real, tangible world I live in, and made up world I'm drawing, are never going to be able to truly settle their differences.

The Torn Walls between Me and Lily

I’m supposed to take a level of responsibility for my actions

If I’m going to draw characters, I need to know my boundaries… fictional(?), not real(?), completely made up lives are in my hands….

What do I do?

Help me, Lily….

Sharing Shadows

Mixed media installation

Lily Plush ponders, Wreck and Tear stare, and something else happens...

Utility and Direction (rough animatic)

Rough animatic focussed on characters/visuals

A head and a body that live in two different worlds

Emergency Self Depreciation

From left to right, my characters Tear, Lily, and Wreck

Caught between the real world and the cartoon world

And I'm in there somewhere, too