2021 Grad Show

Gena Rawson

AUArts Grad Show me face

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


Hi! I'm Gena Rawson and I am an illustration major who loves cats and bugs, which is strongly reflected in my work. I am an aspiring entreprenure and love creating new produts for my Etsy shop featuring my illustrations. I create stickers and printed t-shirts, and mainly specialize in digital art and screen print when it comes to my artwork/product creation.
Hope you enjoy what you see!

Lucky and the Phantom

A series of 4 coloured screen prints featuring a black cat sleeping on a chair with a spooky ghost sneaking up behind...

A Collection of Skeletons

Just a couple of illustrations I created this past year that include skeletons of some sort

Camping Patterns

A pair of patterns illustrating some sights and creatures you may see while out camping, both during the day, and at night.

Just Some Bugs

A small collection of insect based illustrations inspired from my own personal practice involving insect taxidermy which is a new found passion of mine.

Panthera Ad Campaign

A pair of images created for the Panthera Corp, a wildlife conservation foundation mainly focused on preserving big cats in the wild. My campaign focuses on showing the results of the actions poachers have on cats in the wild, and how the cats are hurting from such actions.

Point North Poster

A poster created for the band Point North based loosley on their album A Light in a Dark Place

The Key

The Key - A wordless comic illustrating the story of a girl who follows a black cat into the forest. The forest becomes progressively more colourful and bioluminescent as our character walks deeper into the forest, before finding the source of this vast light, a ghostly moose skeleton blocking a locked door...

The Metamorphosis Reimagined

A reimagination of the cover of Franz Kafka's 1915 novel 'The Metamorphosis'. I illustrated a new front cover, interior cover, chapter heading illustrations, and an animated title.

The Sleeper

An illustration based off of Edgar Allan Poe's poem 'The Sleeper', combining elements of French Rococo painting styles with american gothic imagery.

Where's Gregor?

A continuation of the reimagination of Franz Kafka's 'The Metamoprhosis', this time transforming the story of Gregor into a 'Where's Waldo?' style book. This series includes a cover for the book, and an idea of what the interior of the book would look like including an illustration of the Samsa's living room and kitchen, both rooms having many objects to find including Gregor himself. Try to find all the hidden objects!

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