2020 Grad Show

Camryn Richards

AUArts Grad Show Untitled_Artwork 6

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


I am a creative designer and digital artist who just wrapped up a bachelors degree at AUArts, majoring in graphic design and advertising. I am a graphic designer and advertiser by trade but a travel junkie at heart. Gaining insights from my own personal experiences, I strive to broaden my own world views and implement the world in my work.

My work ranges from branding and typography to UX app and editorial design. My willingness to take on new challenges and learn new skills allows for the opportunity to solve new and exciting problems through creative means.

G.A.L Magazine

G.A.L Magazine for Globally Ambitious Ladies is an editorial collective for the solo female traveler. Readers will find insightful tips, tricks and travel recommendations to help encourage solo travel. The women's travel community is often very active online and with and influx of travel influencers and bloggers, there was an opportunity for a beautifully designed print piece. This niche magazine would be distributed at travel centres, airports and other female-focused locations.

Coral Craze

Coral Craze is a fun and educational platform to encourage youth in becoming more connected to marine ecosystems. This ad campaign creates empathy and fosters a sense of personal responsibility between the user and our oceans. In this game, users must grow, protect and clean up their own coral reefs. To help protect marine ecosystems, this platform provides educational facts on recycling, conservation and biology to help youth understand the importance of marine life.

This is a collaborative project with Lindsay Anderson.


An oil-positive brand that embraces and promotes the oil industry. This brand also raises awareness around oil consumption by producing household products. With anti-oil protests, environmental efforts and outspoken celebrities, the oil industry is faced with lots of criticism. These every day products are all petroleum products, so it poses the question: how many of these items can you live without?


NailRun is a brand that promotes sustainable packaging in the construction industry. There is an extreme amount of waste being produced by construction, and yet over 80% of these materials are recyclable. NailRun not only packages and distributes building materials, but they also collect, recycle and re-purpose construction waste.

Travel Calendar

This little desk calendar was created for the travel junkie in your life! Each month portrays a modern wonder of the world with travel reviews. It was designed to be a compact desk calendar to brighten your day, and remind you that there's always something in the world to explore.

If I Lived in the Ocean

A children's book, written and illustrated by yours truly. This book was printed and performed to a local kindergarten class. I had made stickers of the illustrations and allowed the students to "build their own reef", by placing the stickers on the last page of the book.