2020 Grad Show

Sam Richey

AUArts Grad Show _DSC5696 copy

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


In my creative work, I’ve had the focus of advertising but I remain open to new concepts and using different mediums to create. I’ve been lucky enough to spend the past four summers working at a sport-fishing lodge on Vancouver Island. In my personal work, I have found inspiration in the life surrounding the west coast. That thinking has pushed me to work with complexity within simplicity and push the mind's ability to fill in the blanks. Sports has also been part of my life and will continue to be not just as a player but as a designer.

Custom Type Project

This project started off with designing a typeface from scratch based on a story of our own choosing. The project evolved into creating a book that also supported the original typeface story. The background story I came up with for my typeface is from my experiences working at a fishing lodge as a dockhand for the summer. One of my duties was laying out guest’s fish for a photo. So this typeface and book is my thought process of setting up a photo. The typeface is called hook and the book is about how to photograph fish. The title case is my creation and the other typefaces used in the book are not. The book is hand-stitched together with blue fishing line.

Walken Rugby

Linotype’s type library is the home to some of the most famous typefaces around. The goal for this project
was to reinforce how we use typefaces. It’s not just about the aesthetic, but more about the story of the typeface and
how it helps communicate an idea. Once I selected a typeface, I used it’s name and background story to form a product.
The product and ad campaign were geared towards a Graphic Designer or an Art Director in Advertising.
To watch the video: https://samricheydesign.com/walken

Brooks Running Shoes

This was a print advertisement that was entered into The One Show for The Young Ones Student Award. It was a collaboration between advertising students and photography students. Myself and Grant Bradley were the creative directors, art director was Ayesha Lantican and, our Photographer was Caleb Scholes. The brief we were given was for Brooks, their current target audience is older people, our challenge was to make it appealing to a younger demographic. Our concept was surrounding the idea of how young people work to be healthy by eating right and exercising. Our idea is that Brooks is an essential part of being healthy. Just like that fresh cut of meat, Brooks is right there helping you out.

Honey & Wax

Honey & Wax is a magazine geared towards individuals who love the outdoors and are looking to begin their adventure in beekeeping as a hobby. This magazine was a collaboration with Emma Dallaire. We saw that there was a gap in the beekeeping market for a magazine that provided comprehensible material for individuals that were wanting to get into beekeeping. The magazines that were already in the market, were made for professional beekeepers and scientists. The information was dense and scientific and was not approachable for hobbyist beekeepers. Our magazine is meant to be fun, exciting, and approachable for beginners.